Professional Team

In this year’s Macau Nian Tien Court “2018 Commendation Conference”, the “Thanksgiving Fuze Team” continued to work hard throughout the year based on the spirit of serving customers, and serve our valued customers with heart and soul in exchange for “Yong Nian Ting” “2018 Macau’s Best “Team”, “2018 Hong Kong and Macau” Excellent Leaders “,” 2018 Macau Market Director Performance Achievement “and other price-winner awards.

Due to hard work and study, I began to participate in the life career of “Nian Nian Ting” in 2018. In just two months, I was promoted to the position of “Marketing Director” and became the shortest time in the company’s history. The leader in this position would like to thank customers for their trust and team support! ! ! Without you, there would be no results today! !

We also thank Boss Lin for continuously improving and building the “Yongnianting, Six-Star Life Memorial Hall” to the top international level. Thank you, Ms. Dai, senior manager of the “Yongnianting” Sales / Management Department and her team for their assistance Mr. Jiang, who has more than 20 years of professional and authoritative experience in life, thank him for his continuous training and training with professional knowledge, and assistance and cooperation in all aspects, so that we can be more professional!

With customer-oriented, we implement the concept of “pre-planning, respect for life, inherit culture, store memories, and innovative thinking”, and serve each customer’s needs with patience, love, and care. At present, Hong Kong is in short supply. Under the circumstances, continue to promote the importance of the Ci Kao concept and pre-mortem planning!

Jenny Chan

Thanks to the executive director of Fuze Life Care

Macau: +853 6331 5368
Hong Kong: +852 6394 6934
China: +86 17207210834

Johnny Senna

Thanks to the executive director of Fuze Life Care

Macau: +853 6394 6862
Hong Kong: +852 6689 1968
China: +86 17207211986

address: Macau Song Yusheng Southeast Asia commercial Center Plaza, 11th floor, V


General Manager of Macau Yongnianting Life Memorial Court

Working experience:
General Manager of Taiwan Futian Miaoguo Life Memorial Court
General Manager of Fugui Group Singapore Fugui Mountain Villa
General Manager of Taiwan Wanan Life Chaohe Business
Marketing Consultant of China Funeral Association
2013 Speaker of 2014 International Funeral Conference
Project Report of 2014 Cross-Strait Funeral Conference
Corporate Lecturer, Nanhua University, Taiwan

Interest-free instalments for the first year

Legal and permanent, free transfer, no waiting.
The maximum discount for bank installment with zero interest rate is 468,000 *

From now on, the “elevation zone project”
the first phase is as low as 10%.
The maximum balance can be divided into 60 installments * Contribution (interest-free for the first year).
Easily plan the permanent comfort zone after 100 years, the time limit of the preferential activities is limited, please stay tuned!