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Western-style non-smoking area on the lobby floor | 1 / F Chinese-style slightly fragrant floor

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2 / F Chinese-style slightly fragrant floor | 3 / F family counter | 3 / F Yuehua door panel glaze

Family Lounge

There is a multi-purpose gathering room in the building, which can accommodate 40 people. It can be used by descendants who come to worship to perform various memorial activities, or to rest and meet with relatives and friends before and after the ceremony.


There are sufficient parking spaces in the basement parking lot, and the use time is from 09:00 to 17:00. The reservation and use fee is free.

Free service car

It takes 3 working days to reserve a special car

Passenger locations include Macau Ferry Terminal, Taipa Ferry Terminal, and BOC Head Office opposite the old Lisboa

Perfect concierge service

Yongnianting ’s professional customer service team sincerely and carefully provides personalized concierge service for the test sons and grandchildren, eliminating the troubles of arranging for the memorial, and cooperating with the perfect computer system to record the ancestors and descendants Information to assist future generations in preparing for the memorial service, to facilitate the urbanites in today’s busy society, so that they can concentrate on the ancestors.

The courtesy service provided by the professional customer service team includes

Free shuttle bus for visitors

Valet booking various ceremonies and offerings

Reminders for Spring and Autumn Festival and ancestors ’abstinence day

Regular meetings In order to pray for the deceased

valet service

reminiscence and mourning activities and catering booking

more details can be arranged according to customer requirements

Valet bookings of various ceremonies and offerings

* The entire park is equipped with a complete closed-circuit television system and 24-hour security service. The management is rigorous and modern, creating tranquility The resting place and space for remembrance.

“Sincere Message” Garden

It is a special garden for guests to convey their nostalgia and words to their loved ones, and pin them on the card, thereby expressing the most sincere blessings and thoughts in the heart of the guests.

Heart Sutra Stone Carving Pool

It helps to cleanse the souls of urban people and brings blessings to everyone.

Buddha statue of King Dizang

The atrium on the second floor is home to Dizang Bodhisattva. The King of Tibet is one of the four major Bodhisattvas of Buddhism. Its shape and spirit are peaceful and peaceful. In addition to enlightenment and guidance to all beings, it adds traditional characteristics.

Thirty-three states of Guanyin

Thirty-three forms of Guanyin are hung on the wall, each with different meanings, so that customers can understand the meaning of Guanyin. Avalokitesvara has a soft mind, a dignified manner, a clear world, eternal security and well-being, eliminating disasters and resolving difficulties, and staying away from disasters. Bring blessings to ancestors and friends.

Interest payment is interest-free for the first year

Legal and permanent, free transfer, no waiting time
Bank interest rate in installments, the highest discount is 468,000 *

From now on, the “elevation zone project”
the first phase is as low as 10%.
The maximum balance can be divided into 60 installments * Contribution (interest-free for the first year).
Easily plan the permanent comfort zone after 100 years, the time limit of the preferential activities is limited, please stay tuned!