Create a permanent resting place for ancestors

The top life memorial courts in Hong Kong and Macau respect the concepts of “respect for life, inheritance of culture, collection of memories and innovative thinking”.
The name and design of Yong Nian Ting are in the same vein as its operating philosophy. It will live forever and be sincere, and create a permanent resting place for ancestors.
Backing against the Datan Mountain and facing the South China Sea; leaning against the mountain and facing the water gives people a sense of tranquility and peace. There are different religious zones dedicated to flowers and fruits every day.
The private columbarium land contract has been approved by the Macao SAR Government and legally and freely transferred.

Chinese Auditorium 2nd Floor

The two designs separately capture Buddha statues with different charms, sitting Buddha statues and observing Buddha statues are solemn and peaceful, sheltering future generations. In the Chinese tradition of great significance, express gratitude for the cautious pursuit of a long distance, and create a peaceful and solemn resting place. The bottom of the building is about 2.7 meters high. Each double standard unit has a total of nine rows of walls, and the double luxury unit has a total of eight rows.

Chinese Auditorium 1st Floor

There are 22 auditoriums on the whole floor. Each has traditional Chinese characteristics, and is decorated with amber colored glazed doors. On the first floor, some of the doors are engraved with a pattern resembling “money”, and floral carvings are extended on all four sides, which means that the future generations will be blessed.

Western Auditorium

The lobby floor is a Western-style hall (non-smoking area), suitable for different religions. There are 18 halls on the whole floor.
Every niche is equipped with a bright white glazed wall door, the bottom of the building is about 2.7 meters high. The pattern on the bi-door is centered on the shape of a cross, symbolizing “eternal life”, and is accompanied by a lily pattern to give a feeling of tranquility and serenity. Exquisite patterns and wood-colored door frames create a comfortable and smooth atmosphere, creating a peaceful environment, so that the spirits can rest in a new world of eternal light and peace.

Why choose us?

Yong Nian Ting is built against the mountains and the sea. The back of the garden is backed by mountains. It is quiet and peaceful. It is a good place for Feng Shui. To provide ancestors with a truly permanent place of peace and peace, future generations can also feel at ease and meditate on their ancestors. The location of the garden is the first private columbarium land contract approved by the Macao SAR government, a privatized star and luxurious modern ancestral memorial, with confidence guaranteed.

Excellent geographical environment

3 minutes from Taipa Ferry Terminal, 10 minutes drive from Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge or Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Legal permanent and free transfer

No need to wait, and have zero-rate bank interest rates with great discounts

Hong Kong and Macau top hotel management

Different from traditional niches, high-quality brand image, providing a full range of services

Can do bank mortgage

Industrial and Commercial Bank of Macau provides instalment payment method, starting from 20% of the first period

Professional team service

With customer-oriented, we implement the concept of “pre-planning, respect for life, inherit culture, store memories, and innovative thinking”, and serve each customer’s needs with patience, love, and care. At present, Hong Kong is in short supply. Under the circumstances, continue to promote the importance of the Ci Kao concept and pre-mortem planning!

With the spirit of serving customers, the “Thanksgiving Fuze Team” continues to work hard throughout the year and serves our esteemed customers attentively in exchange for “Yong Nian Ting” “2018 Macau’s Best Team” and “2018 Hong Kong and Macau” Excellent Leader “,” 2018 Macau Marketing Director Achieves Performance Standards “and other price-winner awards.

Latest news

We send the latest trends and developments in the market and look forward to your continued attention and support.

普通一個「單人龕位」賣 30 至 50 萬元,動輒炒高至過百萬

普通一個「單人龕位」賣 30 至 50 萬元,動輒炒高至過百萬

消息來源:NOW 新聞




私營龕場發牌慢先人骨灰逼爆長生店 無法「上位」塞入櫃桶儲物箱

私營龕場發牌慢先人骨灰逼爆長生店 無法「上位」塞入櫃桶儲物箱




屯門私營骨灰安置所「善緣」獲發牌照 有效期至2029年

屯門私營骨灰安置所「善緣」獲發牌照 有效期至2029年



其餘2間已獲發牌照的私營骨灰安置所則為鑽石山志蓮道的「志蓮淨苑 普同塔」及屯門楊青路的「思親公園」。

下月30日刊憲  私營龕場禁售9個月  新例通過長生店減  福位料加價30%

下月30日刊憲 私營龕場禁售9個月 新例通過長生店減 福位料加價30%








冇陰功! 一個新例就令兩夫妻被逼分開

冇陰功! 一個新例就令兩夫妻被逼分開

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Interest payment is interest-free for the first year

Legal permanent, free transfer, no waiting time
Banks have zero interest rates in installments, the highest discount is 468,000 *

“Escalation Zone Project” from now on
The first phase is as low as 20%.
The maximum balance can be divided into 60 installments * Contribution (interest-free for the first year).
It is easy to plan the permanent comfort zone after 100 years, the time limit of the preferential activities is limited, please stay tuned!